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Hi Guess 100 (Ad Free)

1.99 usd

The best icon trivia and guessing game, includes brand, food, movie, celebrity, cartoon, star, TV show, app, logo, restaurant etc. See the pictures and solve puzzles. Challenge your brain power now!This is a great masterpiece from the creator of Hi Guess the Brand. Youll find various funny puzzles, contains many categories, like brand, food, movie, character, restaurant, pop star, TV show, place, celebrity, cartoon, game, app, drink, football star, baseball star, basketball star, oracle etc. All these processed characters, shows, icons or logos etc. in the pictures are all famous and carefully selected. Well-designed graphics and perfect color match offer you an amazing visual experience. This is not only an entertaining game, but also a great quiz to enrich your knowledge of different fields and cultures.
Over 20 categories of guessing games and 2000 puzzles in one. Each category has 100 redesigned pictures. This special and super great trivia quiz is filled with hundreds of interesting puzzles and waiting for you to challenge. You can try it by yourself or you also can share it to your friends to challenge them. You can hardly wait to start, right? Its super easy to get started and simple to play. See the image and guess what it stands for. Solve the puzzles and offer the correct answers.
Stuck in a puzzle? Take ease, the hints are ready to help. You can make use of them to show a random correct letter, or to remove some incorrect letters. Also if you want to reveal the answer and access the next puzzle directly, you can tap the button of “Reveal the Answer”. Use these hints if youre totally stuck! Besides, if you already run out of these free hints, you can use coins to buy some. And you can earn coins by solving puzzles and rating us.
Use your brain power to challenge those puzzles! Can you recognize them all? Download and try it right now! You must be addicted to this great quiz!
Easy to start and simple to play, instant fun!Free, no registration required. Super easy to get started. Have fun immediately!
Super great trivia quiz ever!Over 20 categories of fields and 2000 puzzles are mixed in one. You can enjoy the endless fun of guessing brand logos, food, movies, characters, restaurants, pop stars, TV shows, places, celebrities, cartoons, games, apps, drinks, football stars etc.
Continuous updates, endless funny puzzles and everlasting fun!Continuous version updates, we always add new puzzles for players. Your fun never ends!
Share to your friends and have more challenging fun!If you dont want to play it alone, then share it to your friends. Challenge them to find out who can guess them faster or who knows more.
Various ways are ready to help you!No worries about getting stuck. If you get stuck in a puzzle, you can use the provided free hints to help you or you also can share it to your friends to ask for help. And you can earn coins by solving puzzles and rating us.